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There are many benefits that come with a raised floor system, including but not limited to:

  • The interspace between the floor and the underlying membrane allows the passage of pipes and other systems, masking them but still allowing for easy inspection;
  • Excellent absorption of expansion and structural movements, eliminating the presence of cracks or crevices;
  • Significant weight reduction thanks to the elimination of the concrete screed, which implies lower costs;
  • The floor is always levelled and easily inspectable;
  • Faster construction times at inception;
  • Faster water flow;
  • Better thermal and acoustic insulation

Take a look at all the advantages of the raised floor system here.

Any kind of subsoil is suitable for our pedestals, as long as it is compact and not yielding nor prone to deformation if subjected to pressure.

Any type of flooring is compatible with our pedestals for raised floor. For instance, tiles and / or slabs of any material and dimension, provided that they are self-supporting, e.g. porcelain stoneware, marble, concrete, wood, glass, composite materials, and others.

The system consists of height-adjustable supports that are available with different heads depending on the type of flooring to be installed, whether it be slabs, aluminium joists, or wooden joists. Each head welcomes the flooring element to be installed without the need of adhesives or other fixings.

It depends, as the supports are distributed in different ways depending on the type and size of the flooring used. Some sample patterns for positioning the supports can be found on our guidelines page.

Some factors include the slope of the working surface, loading capacity, frequency of use and the height to be reached (difference between the surface floor and the finished floor height). Eterno Ivica offers a complete range of supports from the high-performance range "SE" to other ranges such as "NM","SB","StarT" and "EH" to mention a few.

The bi-material self-levelling tilting head (Polypropylene + rubber), the adjustment key to achieve millimetric height precision, a structural strengthening design, the most comprehensive range of accessories for a perfect workmanship, as well as the materials with which they are built.

The ranges vary from self-levelling adjustable supports such as the SE and SBPA ranges, to fixed-head adjustable supports such as the NM and SBP ranges, to fixed supports such as the EH and EH Rubber. All our adjustable supports come with bi-material head (PP + rubber), most of them have an above average load bearing capability and are compatible with the adjustment key.

It is very simple: the height of the support covers the gap between the subfloor and the installation surface. Therefore, depending on this measurement, you can easily identify what height you need the support to be.

Eterno Ivica has created a software that is able to provide the height and number of supports needed, you just need enter some project data and you will get the results. You just need to register a profile on our website, and you will have access to the software, you can do so here: software.eternoivica.it

However, if you have troubles understanding how to input the information, please do not hesitate to contact us at salesuk@eternoivica.com and we will be happy to help you.

Yes, Eterno Ivica is at the forefront of bespoke accessories, essential for a perfect workmanship: these include but are not limited to clips for vertical closure, perimeter spacers, skirting boards, slope compensators and many more.

No, it is not, because the continuous flow of water cleans the surface below. In special cases, where the slope is minimal, it is advisable to remove some tiles (with the appropriate lifting handle) and wash the subfloor with water when needed.

All Eterno Ivica products are recognizable thanks to the embossed logo.