Eterno SE self-levelling Adjustable supports
  • Eterno SE self-levelling Adjustable supports

Eterno SE self-levelling Adjustable supports

Adjustable Self-Levelling Support Eterno - The unique with a self levelling head


It was the first. And it’s still the only one. The Adjustable Self-Levelling Support Eterno “SE” adjustable support with a self levelling head was the first of a long series of accessories for external elevated floors. It's a raised flooring accessory that combines superb technical features and exceptional aesthetics with maximum easiness of installation.

The Adjustable Self-Levelling Support Eterno "SE" has come to be recognized as the market’s most exclusive solution to deal with sloping installation surfaces. In this regard, the product is capable of providing exceptional results thanks to its tilting movement, which is capable of compensating slopes up to 5%.

The adjustment is performed using a regulation key, which can be applied from above once the flooring has been installed and guarantees the precision alignment of the entire floor surface. This unrivaled product also counts numerous additional advantages, which are enjoyed every day all around the world by architects, builders and installers.




  • Self-levelling head that automatically justifies slopes to 5%

  • Adjustable height from 28 to 550 mm once pavement is finished thanks to exclusive regulation key

  • 320 cm2 smooth base support

  • Entirely recyclable

  • Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C

  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration

  • Suitable to any self-supporting outdoor paving system

  • Protected by international patent

  • Head with upper part of soft non-slip and anti-noise rubber

  • Tabs easy to remove

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Eterno SE self-levelling Adjustable supports


Paving slab size

Pieces for m2

cm 60 x 60

2,78 pcs

cm 50 x 50

4 pcs

cm 40 x 40

6,25 pcs

cm 30 x 30

11,11 pcs


Code Type Size Pcs (Box) Pcs (Pallet) Price list
E191028038 SE0 28-38 mm 25 1500 Register to view
E191037050 SE1 37,5-50 mm 25 1200 Register to view
E191050075 SE2 50-75 mm 25 900 Register to view
E191075120 SE3 75-120 mm 25 600 Register to view
E191120170 SE4 120-170 mm 25 500 Register to view
E191170215 SE5 170-215 mm 25 500 Register to view
E191140230 SE6 140-230 mm - - Register to view
E191185275 SE7 185-275 mm - - Register to view
E191235325 SE8 235-325 mm - - Register to view
E191205345 SE9 205-345 mm - - Register to view
E191250385 SE10 250-385 mm - - Register to view
E191300400 SE11 300-400 mm - - Register to view
E191270455 SE12 270-455 mm - - Register to view
E191315500 SE13 315-500 mm - - Register to view
E191365550 SE14 365-550 mm - - Register to view


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