New Maxi NM adjustable support
  • New Maxi NM adjustable support

New Maxi NM adjustable support

Adjustable Paving Support New Maxi - The new line born in 2010


A wide range of features make Adjustable Paving Support New Maxi perfect for any kind of raised flooring applications: the noise-reducing rubber head, the special adjustment key, a wide range of adjustable heights and the pre-cut base for wall corner cuts.

Featuring an above average loading capacity and a reliability that can only be offered by experts in the field of raised flooring supports, the Adjustable Paving Support New Maxi is regularly selected and widely appreciated throughout the worldwide building industry.

The slope's adjustment is compensated using special rubber discs.




  • Precision adjustment from 25 to 270 mm

  • Possibility of adjusting the height once the floor has been finished, thanks to the exclusive adjustment key

  • Head with upper part in anti-noise and anti-slip rubber

  • Smooth support base of 320 cm2

  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration

  • Resistant to temperatures from -40 °C to +120°C

  • Fully recyclable

  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring

  • Easily removable tabs

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New Maxi NM adjustable support


Paving slab size

Pieces for m2

cm 60 x 60

2,78 pcs

cm 50 x 50

4 pcs

cm 40 x 40

6,25 pcs

cm 30 x 30

11,11 pcs


Code Type Size Pcs (Box) Pcs (Pallet) Price list
E045025040 NM1 25-40 mm 20 1260 Register to view
E045040070 NM2 40-70 mm 20 1050 Register to view
E045060100 NM3 60-100 mm 20 750 Register to view
E045090160 NM4 90-160 mm 20 600 Register to view
E045150270 NM5 150-270 mm 20 420 Register to view



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