"V0" SBP Self-Extinguishing Support

"V0" SBP Self-Extinguishing Support

Passive fire protection is the only way to limit fire damage and thus keep people safe.

This is why Eterno Ivica, always dedicated to safety, has developed a range of products with specific self-extinguishing characteristics.

This is how the new lines of V0 self-extinguishing Pedestal supports was born, the first one with self-extinguishing raw materials. In case of fire, self-extinguishing Pedestal supports stop the flames from spreading, significantly reducing the smoke fumes when compared to traditional products.

Features of Self-extinguishing Pedestal:

  • Completely self-extinguishing
  • V0 self-extinguishing version is available for PR, SE, NM, StarT and EH Pedestal supports 
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Code Type Size Pcs (Box) Pcs (Pallet) Price list
E015810304.V0 SBP V0 1 29-37 mm 25 1650 Register to view
E015810405.V0 SBP V0 2 37-52 mm 25 1350 Register to view
E015810508.V0 SBP V0 3 52-82 mm 25 1050 Register to view
E015810712.V0 SBP V0 4 72-122 mm 25 750 Register to view
E015811117.V0 SBP V0 5 114-170 mm - - Register to view
E015811320.V0 SBP V0 6 134-212 mm - - Register to view
E015811726.V0 SBP V0 7 177-260 mm - - Register to view
E015811926.V0 SBP V0 8 197-300 mm - - Register to view


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