Metal support SMAT self-levelling

Metal support SMAT self-levelling

Adjustable metal support for elevated flooring, with self-levelling tilting head that compensates slopes up to 5%.

The support consists of a square support base of dimensions of 100 x 100 mm, 1.8 mm thick, and a screw consisting of a threaded bar at the end of which is fixed a concave element that acts as the support seat of the tilting head. The support is completed by a self-levelling tilting head with special perforated tabs for the insertion and fixing of the joists, and an anti-tilting locking ring.

Height adjustment is done manually by acting on the base; the support can reach heights ranging from 27 mm to 458 mm.

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Code Type Size Price list
T0005028035 SMAT1 28-35 mm Register to view
T0005034046 SMAT2 34-46 mm Register to view
T0005044062 SMAT3 44-62 mm Register to view
T0005061097 SMAT4 61-97 mm Register to view
T0005095165 SMAT5 95-165 mm Register to view
T0005163300 SMAT6 163-300 mm Register to view
T0005298458 SMAT7 298-458 mm Register to view


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